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ホーム: ようこそ!

My Purpose

Jazz is often characterized by syncopated rhythms and varying degrees of improvisation. 

But I also feel that there is the element of respect in its essence. 

In this era of turmoil, I believe Jazz has its own purpose. The improvisational aspect of Jazz, challenging for the unpredictable. 
The attitude of one respecting another and sincerely listening from the heart. Transcending differences, Jazz shows a path for a hopeful future.That's why I want to continue playing. As long as the world needs music.

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ホーム: プロフィール


Updated 2021.12.01

Announced the recording of TOKU's first Christmas song .

<TOKU's first Christmas EP is now out!>

This work covers all songs, and the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (OEK) participates. To those who live in the corona

Five gems of Christmas songs dedicated as small gifts were distributed worldwide on December 1, 2021.

Then, I made a making video that captured the state of recording.

TOKU OFFICIAL is a special video work that shows the expression of the actual performance with a sense of tension with the OEK members and the appearance of the jacket shooting full of smiles.  It is being delivered on YOUTUBE PAGE. Please enjoy it.

ホーム: プロフィール
ホーム: サポート
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