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TOKU (aka Jazz Samurai) is a Jazz vocalist and a flugelhorn player from Niigata Japan. After releasing 14 albums in the last two decades, TOKU decided to leave Sony Music. In 2021 amidst the global turmoil, TOKU sets out on a journey to connect with the world through his music ...


Japan's only vocalist & flugelhorn player

Familiar with music in a non-genre due to the influence of his father,
In junior high school, he got the first brass band cornet.

Debuted from Sony Music in January 2000 with the album "Everything She Said".
It attracted attention from the beginning of its debut, and appeared in Blue Note Tokyo as early as August of that year.

In addition, the album has been released in Asian countries and is actively performing overseas.

Nowadays, from a wide range of musicality that goes beyond the boundaries of jazz, m-flo, Ken Hirai, Skoop On Somebody,
Participated in albums such as Miki Imai and Maki Ohguro as a writer and player.

The album "Love Again" released in 2008 released the first Duet Song.
Recorded with Mr. ATSUSHI from Exile.

Also, it was held immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.
Participated in Cyndi Lauper's domestic tour and became a hot topic.

And on April 27, 2011, the project "TOKU sings & plays STEVIE WONDER-JAZZ TRIBUTE FROM ATLANTA", which he had been warming up for a long time, was released.

In May 2015, a cover album of all songs Sinatra was released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's birth.
The height of the level has received great acclaim in various places.

In June 2017, he released the album "SHAKE", which is a collaboration with various musicians that TOKU has met so far, regardless of genre.

In February 2019, TOKU himself carefully selected from the original songs he had written so far, and released a compilation "Original Songbook" consisting only of original songs including unreleased songs and unreleased takes.

In April 2020, released "TOKU In Paris", the first European recording recorded with French musicians. It was released in advance in France, and the album release tour in Europe sold out and gained popularity in various places.


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